•  The excitement of catching and releasing a white marlin off Hatteras.
  • Winter is a great time to target giant bluefin tuna off Cape Hatteras.
  • Even the ladies enjoy catching am awesome wahoo.
  • Another marlin makes a jump during an August charter.
  • Catching and releasing a beautiful sailfish is every angler's drea.
  • Drop jigging for yellowfin and blackfin tuna is a favirite method of Big Tahuna off Hatteras.
  • This is a giant Atlantic Sailfish caught of Hatteras Inlet.
  • Big Tahuna releases any blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish every season.
  • Call us and tie into one of our giant bluefin tuna off Hatteras.

2017 Rates

Price Deposit
Full Day Deep Sea Offshore Fishing $1450.00 $450.00
Overnight Trip - 1 Full Day Offshore then Overnight and Morning $3000.00 $1000.00
Camp Tahuna Lodge Rate (first night) $300.00 Call
Camp Tahuna Lodge (additional nights) $250.00 Call
Duck Blind (each hunter) 200.00 Call
Duck Blind (three hunters) $550.00 Call
Specials 2017!: Awesome custom Big Tahuna fishing vacation includes 3 nights in Camp Tahuna Lodge and 2 full days offshore fishing on the Big Tahuna for a group of six. $3495.00 Please note; if a day of fishing is canceled due to weather $1450 is deducted from total.
Specials 2017!: Incredible Big Tahuna fishing vacation includes 4 nights in Camp Tahuna Lodge and 3 full days offshore fishing on the Big Tahuna for a group of six. $4995.00 Please note; if a day of fishing is canceled due to weather $1450 is deducted from total.
For the dual sportsman Camp Tahuna is also offering a Fish & Duck Hunting Package which includes 1 day offshore fishing aboard the Big Tahuna, 1 hunt day and 1 day to either fish or hunt, you choose. This is 4 nights for a party of 6 at a rate of $4,950.00.

Big Tahuna Pamlico Sound Hunting

Camp Tahuna has a private island. Our guides will deliver hunters by boat to their blind for morning to "noonish" hunt. This is a 166 acre waterfowl paradise featuring sound side ducks (redheads, blue bills, brant, merganser, etc.). There are also several ponds which hold teal, widgeon, gadwall, mallards. We also have a large area for those who like to walk the marshes and jump shoot black ducks. We have permits which allows us to raise our own ducks and enjoy a shoulder season from Oct. 1 through March 1 for mallards (only) or whatever ducks we raise. During regular duck season, all allowable species can be taken.

Camp Tahuna's private island is the best place for duck hunting in Hatteras, North Carolina.


We currently have our exclusive Camp Tahuna Duck Hunting and Sport Fishing Lodge available for guests that would like to enjoy the incredible Duck hunting and/or fishing here at Hatteras. This beautiful soundside waterfront property is a 3 bedroom fully furnished home that sleeps up to 9 people. For your convenience our boat dock is located directly behind the building as well as our fish cleaning station. Please give us a call and ask about this special opportunity to enjoy Cape Hatteras in style.
Our charters are called 6 pack charters by the US Coast Guard because our USCG license allows us to take up to 6 anglers.
All anglers are covered under our boat's blanket fishing license while aboard our Big Tahuna charters .
Yes, all fish caught become the property of the anglers. However, we do release all billfish like blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish to protect the species. The captain is responsible to be sure you are within your legal limits.
You can take your catch with you and filet them at home or you can have us clean them at our Camp Tahuna cleaning station when we get back to our dock.
It is always the captain's choice concerning the weather. Please always show up for your trip even if you think that your trip might get canceled. Often the weather is much different offshore then it is at the dock. Your safety is our prime concern. If the captain determines it is necessary to cancel your trip he will give you the option of rescheduling your charter at a later date or returning your deposit .
All charters leave from our Camp Tahuna dock behind our building off Saxon Cut in Hatteras Village. Please check our Contact Us page for directions. The captain will let you know what time your charter departs during your reservation process.
We provide the very highest quality top-of-the-line professional offshore fishing gear and the freshest bait available for every Big Tahuna charter.
Customers are requested to bring their own food and drink. Please bring small coolers for your food and drinks and leave your large coolers for taking home fish in your vehicle until we return to the dock.
We recommend that you wear layered clothing and be prepared for both weather extremes. Many times we will leave a cold dock only to fish in balmy Gulf Stream waters.
We suggest that everyone bring along sunscreen, sunglasses (preferably polarized), hat or visor and soft soled non-slip deck shoes.
Yes, you can bring your electronics along, especially your digital camera. However, keep in mind that the ocean can sometimes be a rough and wet place. Saltwater and electronics do not do well together. Big Tahuna can not be responsible for the safety of your electronics. If you are going to bring them with you be please be sure they are stored in the proper shock proof cases.